Joining hostess, Kate Motuang, of FMF. A community of bloggers write from a one-word topic for 5 minutes. We writing teachers call it a “writing prompt”.


Hold to His hand, to God’s unchanging hand.

One of my favorite songs. Especially Selah’s version.

When everything around me is a tempest, I can hold to His hand.

When life overwhelms, I can hold to His hand.

This idea is a metaphor – I can’t actually hold His hand; it’s like all the other metaphors used to help us grasp this powerful, loving Father.

Unchanging is my key word here. He does not change. No matter how much I change, or my circumstances change, He never changes. hold

Watching the Ken Burns series this week on the Roosevelts has helped me with some perspective on our chaotic world today. Hot spots all over Europe and the East had dictators, killing, bombing, and torture.

The difference now is how much more we know — if we choose to use our screens or other media.

God must view today’s world as another era of intense evil inflicting pain on humans — again. His love is the same as it was for Abraham, for the Israelites, for generations after.

When the world around you heaves and screams, whose hand do you hold?

Only One will never let go.


See yesterday’s related post, Praying for a World Gone Mad


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