“gratitude is a memory of God’s heart,

to give thanks is to remember God.”    Ann Voskampcropped-give-thanks-31.jpg


if I give thanks in all things, I must search my present circumstances.


I search for the blessings of TODAY my mind and my heart are lifted from . . .

the mosquito buzz of trivial irritations

the chronic pain of arthritis (substitute your own chronic)

the fatigue of a sleepless night

the brain fog of media overload

the frustration of incomplete to-do lists

the turmoil of conflict


I give thanks for

the birth of a long-awaited baby girl (Jennifer’s best friend from childhood)

the hug of a friend

the prayers of soul sisters

a husband who drops everything to vacuum or drive me to a doctor appointment

bright leaves scattered on September’s grass of deep greenOrange Leaf

I am filled with JOY,

and I remember to TRUST the One who never leaves me.




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