Join us.

Gather here with busy sisters serving,

Sewing, cooking, singing,

tutoring children, mentoring young women.

Find your place with us.

No pressure, no judgment,

Open hands and open hearts.


These recent days filled with allergies, asthma, and arthritis (the three A’s!) have distracted my thinking and desire to write. I tend to withdraw from any socializing, even phone calls and conserve energy to maintain a little routine.

But two circles of women always welcome me on Sunday AM and Wednesday PM. When you’ve been part of a group for months or years, you know your place, comfortable and welcomed. Their smiles and concerns are like a wrapping me with a warm quilt and a hot cup of tea.

But when you feel outside a circle or don’t have a circle loneliness and doubt fill your heart. I have friends who for various reasons find themselves without a circle at this time in their life. I forget that feeling, that longing to be accepted.

Today I am reminded to be thankful for the circles of community in my life.

I also must find ways to pull others into those circles — showing mercy that they may also show mercy.



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