Joining the Five Minute Friday community of bloggers with a one word prompt. The whole idea is to write for only five minutes, but when Larry and I entertain a four old every other Friday I seldom finish in one setting. Today’s post started this morning but was interrupted until 7:00 P.M.


How long, LORD?

How long does the pain of raw grief last?

How long does the pain feel like an open wound?

How long does it take to mend a broken heart?

MendedHeart.1The stages of grief I read about don’t fit into little packages of time and space. A broken heart does not move from one stage today to another tomorrow. It’s gradual, sometimes moving like an inchworm.

I documented my journey of grief by keeping a journal. Because now that journey is a memory. After the death of our daughter, it was 10 years before I was able to teach a class about my journey or begin this blog.

David often prayed, “How long Lord?” In Psalm 6:3 he said his soul was in anguish. Those laments of David’s gave me comfort when I could find no comfort. David knew the pain of a broken heart.


???????????????????????????????Instead of trite platitudes, I give you this:

Hold on. Just hold on because God has not abandoned you.

Even if you feel like He has. Hold on.

He’s right there, waiting for you to seek His face. 

Thank You God for waiting for me through the storm of grief, for holding me up when I could not seek Your face. 






6 thoughts on “LONG

  1. Patty

    Oh Joy, I am so sorry for your loss! Sometimes our deepest grief never quite goes away, it just becomes not quite so raw. I love that Hold On. There is a song about that from Michael McLean that says: “Hold on, hold on, the light will come”. I have walked in my own darkness of life. Thank you for sharing.


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