Joining the Five Minute Friday community of bloggers with a one word prompt. The whole idea is to write for only five minutes without editing.(Which I just cannot resist doing!)


Sometimes a dare is about finding courage.

Sometimes it is just foolish.

My inclination has always been to take the dare. Like the time I jumped off a cliff in Jamaica — just to show the teenagers somebody’s mama could! When I told my 8th graders the story, they would ask, “Weren’t you scared?”

But I wasn’t because I didn’t give myself time to think. I just stepped off the edge and held my nose. Which did no good at all because the force ripped my hand away!

And nobody told me about the force of water dragging your bathing suit down! Yikes! Pull it up fast while still under water!

Was this a foolish choice? I didn’t think so because I’m a good swimmer, and the water below was quite deep. I jumped, not dived. Diving seems foolish to me.

I look at dare as a challenge. And the biggest challenge in my life has been to walk through a valley of grief.

To get up every day. To go about my business of teaching 8th graders.

Every morning I found myself at school; I would stop and wonder how it happened.

How did I get up? How did I find the energy to move through the day?Cross 2.compessed

Only by God’s grace.

Not by my will.

Not by my power.

I thank God, the great Healer, for walking with me through the storm of grief, for pulling me through each day. I could not do it alone.



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