Joining the Five Minute Friday community of bloggers with a one word prompt. The whole idea is to write for only five minutes, truly a challenge!


What if the leaves did not turn colors in the fall?Maple2.14

What if winter never came?image8.jpg

Living in a climate that has four distinct seasons reminds me of this ever-changing weather. Climate change/global warming continues to remind us that winter can turn into a warmer season than usual. Storms keep us mindful that a turn in weather can be disastrous.

This creation, full of turning or changing, makes our world rich and delightful.

What if these apples remain in this state? A crisp sweet apple is always delicious, FallApples

but how many ways can an apple turn into something else? Two of my favorites are apple nachos and apple crisp.

Or these plain curiously shaped squash?  If they cannot be turned, cooked, mashed, pureed, or roasted, there is not much remarkable about their taste.Fallsquash

I’ll have some of my favorite fall recipes on my Pinterest board tomorrow. As always, they are wheat and dairy-free. My new favorite is pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin spice syrup.

I thank my God through Jesus Christ for creating a world that constantly turns to change our weather, our growing seasons, a world full of foods that can be turned into culinary delights.






6 thoughts on “TURN

  1. richellelwright

    amazing pictures and such simple yet true and beautiful thoughts about change and the different turns our lives take.


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