Jennifer’s Day

mending heartNovember 17


The day our precious baby girl arrived! How blessed we were and what joy we shared with family and friends!

Monday, November 17, 1980. Larry and Jennifer get to know each other.

Monday, November 17, 1980. Larry and Jennifer get to know each other.

So many memories fill our home today, many tucked here and there, even though I’ve given away most or her childhood toys.Jennifer.rabbit

This baby girl was happiest when she learned to pull up and then walk. Heights were never scary to her. You can see the baby gate tucked away against the wall because once she learned to navigate those stairs, she would not be contained!

She would be 34 today, if she were still alive. Once again I’m amazed at how many years have passed since her death in 2002. If you joined this blog recently, you can find more about her story by choosing the category, Heart Lessons or start here. She died at the age of 21, so we have 21 years of memories.

But today I’m remembering those first years years, since her best, best childhood friend, Brooke,  just had her own baby girl a few months ago.

Those girls were such great friends. From four years old they stuck together.

always sharing birthdays,

Always sharing birthdays


sleepovers and American Girl dolls

ponytails and giggles,

ponytails, and giggles.

braces and baptism.

Jennifer's hair is still wet.

Jennifer’s hair is still wet!

Throughout their lives the important moments, good and bad, were shared.

With a heart that has mended from broken and bruised to one that remembers Jennifer with joy and thanksgiving, I thank God for every year she walked this earth. Only through His amazing mercy and patience am I able to count this sadness as joy.




One thought on “Jennifer’s Day

  1. Karen B.

    I love to read what you write about Jennifer. Such a beautiful young lady. These pictures are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your love. Karen


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