Grief Is Not a Process


letters-to-grief-final-coverI just downloaded Kate Motaung’s new e-book, Letters to Grief. (It’s free through Dec. 5 from Amazon.) What an interesting idea – writing a letter to Grief! You can find her first letter here.

Personifying grief makes sense to me because it does feel like something moved into my heart and our home when we experienced the traumatic death of our daughter. Only then did I recognize the similar feelings from years before at the death of my parents.

Each letter in this e-book uses a metaphor, a descriptive word picture of the way grief can consume you, take over your life; no matter what you do, grief lingers, uninvited.

Kate gives grief new images, new understanding, new expressions. She says grief is not a process; it is a cyclical journey.

Each letter will provide a unique understanding to each reader because grief is unique to person. Our journeys take different routes, but I believe these letters will be helpful to anyone who is on the journey.

Savor each letter slowly rather than reading the short book all at once. Let the images form in your mind, discarding the ones that don’t ring true for you, but read to the end of each letter for words of hope and comfort.

I’ve followed Kate’s blog since she took over the Five Minute Friday writing prompts from Lisa-Jo Baker. Take a look at today’s post for some of her thoughts expressed in beautiful images by Katie Reid.

I’m always on the lookout for helpful books on grief. I’m happy to add Kate’s book to my Booklist (click on the list in the top menu). Thank you Kate!





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