Five Things I Learned In 2014

December is almost over, and I’ve written so little here this month. A writer needs to keep writing, or the well goes dry.  My head has wandered over into thinking/ planning a post but not really finding that opinion/topic “that just has to be written”. I found myself busy giving in more ways than ever in the days leading up to Christmas. And then slam! A sinus infection puts me in the bed Christmas Day and days beyond.

So since the knees have been drained and are bending again, and the sinus infection is on its way out, I’m joining Emily Freeman (Chatting at the Sky) to reflect on some things I learned this year.

1. While thinking about health matters I’ll just confess this condition. When my knees are swollen = braces/cane/walker, or asthma shows up to just remind me I’m not in control, my writing-concentrating brain seems to quit functioning. You would think that being immobile or staying in out of the cold would give a writer plenty of time for writing. Perhaps I give up too easily, but the upside is that I’ve almost finished a baby blanket for Brooke’s new baby! That encourages me some.

a few completed squares

a few completed squares

2. This year’s one-word resolution of Mercy found me many opportunities to show mercy. People came into my life with needs I did not expect, and God showed me ways to minister to their needs. Sometimes it was frustrating, and other times my heart grew and expanded to share God’s mercy. Here are a few of my 2014 moments of mercy:cropped-image141.jpg

  • encouraging by text, email or phone calls
  • sharing a gift card with a single mom
  • finding just the right book for a weary heart searching for God
  • a moment to give an understanding word to a grieving widow
  • many moments of preparing and then speaking to young/old and all the inbetween women in my church family about being Enough!

3. Five Minute Friday posts became my favorite writing. A one word prompt by someone else and a limited amount of time forced me to think deeply but write concisely.

4. Finding a solution for my IBS in acupuncture!

5.  Reading my Journal of Thanks for the year, I most often find joy in small things, like

  • a phone call from a friend or one of my brothers,
  • lunch with friends,
  • watching Grace grow and mature

    Serious crafting blankets for Barbies

    Serious Grace crafting blankets for Barbies

  • praying with sisters in Bible study,
  • women’s hands that serve like Dorcas, opportunities to minister to others in Zambia, Haiti, and Africa through Healing Hands
  • dinner out with crazy friends


    The girls who made a Sister Promise (see the link for crazy friends)






But looking at the 1298 blessings I counted this year, I most often gave thanks

  • each day my knees functioned without pain
  • every day I did not need an inhaler or breathing treatment
  • and IBS that is under control!



5 thoughts on “Five Things I Learned In 2014

  1. Lark Johnston Webb

    BEAUTIFUL blanket for little Margot!! BEAUTIFUL words and service… and BEAUTIFUL friendships forever! Love the craziness!!!

  2. Belinda

    Thanks for your wonderful words as always!!! God has blessed us with friendships that endure even though we don’t see each other often, we’ve always “got each other’s back.” What a blessing!!! (even if some of us go crazy sometimes) Love you!!!


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