My One Word Resolution for 2015


My first one word resolution, Joy, came by accident. Reading Ann Voskamp’s book sent me on a journey to seek joy and begin this blog.


Last year the word Mercy seemed to be an obvious choice for my new-found ministry to others.

Martell's One WordThis year I looked at the suggestions on the My One Word website as I reflected on the past year and pondered the coming year. Here are the three steps they suggest:

  1. Decide what kind of person I want to be. Who did God create me to be?
  2. List the characteristics of that kind of person.
  3. Pick a word.

The website provides lists of suggested words which I finally decided just gave me too many choices. But reading Max Lucado’s newest book, before amen, gave me some ideas. I’ll write a post on this excellent book on prayer later, but I could see that Trust is an area I need to develop. But Trust has so many meanings, so many ways to expand. Another word that means almost the same thing came to mind along with this verse:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:55

Trust also means lean on for support or rely.

My daily devotional book, Jesus Calling, repeats the themes of trust and peace.  Over and over Sarah Young uses Scripture to convey God’s desire that we decrease our independence and increase our dependence on Him. I confess that I have a strong streak of independence and wage a personal battle with this.

In my journey of grief and trauma over our daughter’s death I have come far in my battle, but still see room for growth. Right after Jennifer’s death I leaned on  many people and for a time I leaned on God. You can find that story here.

Looking back I can see changes He worked in me through those years after Jennifer died. But I have this little niggling thought in my head that if I ask God to increase my trust, to help me trust Him more, He might allow another traumatic event in my life! I still struggle with where God’s hand was in Jennifer’s death, so I remember  an old adage: “be careful what you ask for”.

So I’ve settled on LEAN as my word for this year. I want to LEAN on God, LEAN in to His promises, LEAN on others, LEAN in with sisters for supportI want to teach others so they can experience that peace when we LEAN on the FatherThere are many Scriptures on this topic, and I’ll be writing posts throughout the year on LeanLean

Have you found a word for this year?

Check out the My One Word website. You might also like Kayse Pratt’s post on why she’s NOT choosing One Word! Another alternative is Ann Voskamp’s 25 Word Manifesto. It is a lovely, free printable.

I am thankful for new years and new beginnings, for time to reflect on a year past and to make plans for the year to come.




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