The Pocket Prayer

I’m reading Max Lucado’s book, before amen: The Power of a Simple Prayer. As usual, Max’s writing takes those deep subjects on spirituality and makes them memorable and practical. In this book he takes the Lord’s Prayer and pares it down to its bare bones. He calls this prayer a pocket prayer.before amen.2

How often have you prayed the Lord’s Prayer? When I was in elementary school I remember every morning standing with hand over heart and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Then we all bowed our heads and repeated the Lord’s Prayer. But the thing about reciting or repeating a familiar prayer or pledge is that it becomes so familiar that the meaning is often forgotten.

The study guide at the end of this book provides a rich in-depth personal study that I’m still working through. I love this format that you can use with any Bible study: P R A Y

  • Personalize – examine yourself
  • Reflect – study Scriptures that provide deeper insight
  • Abide – pray with specific guidance from your study
  • Yield – surrender your heart and comply with God’s willPocketPrayer

And then there is the Pocket Prayer itself. I’ve written it on Post-its and shared it. I’ve put it on a wall, and I’ll share it with you here.


you are good.

I need help. Heal me and forgive me.

They need help.

Thank you.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

I hope you can see how these simple statements can expand with your words and thoughts so this prayer becomes specific to your needs yet the format remains the same.

Read the book to be enriched by this study. And resources? Oh my, there is a DVD study with Max, a small book for $2.99 with 40 simple prayers, a journal for your prayers, greeting cards, and a worship collection with various artists.

Sign up for the Pocket Prayer challenge by Max at Bible Gateway and get the Pocket Prayers ebook written by Max and his daughter, Andrea.

#74. Today I am thankful for this resource to deepen my walk with my Father.


Are you counting gifts every day? Are you writing them in a journal? It’s the best way I know to be in continual prayer with the Giver of every good and perfect gift. (James 1:17)


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