Maritime Forest, Orange Beach, Alabama

Maritime Forest, Orange Beach, Alabama

Leaning on Jesus,

Leaning on the everlasting arms of Jesus

This song runs through my head when I think of MyOneWord for the year: LEAN. The song is part of my childhood, my spiritual heritage, learning to sing shaped notes and harmony at Sunday afternoon singings. The words lead me to Scripture to search for the promise.

The everlasting God is your place of safety,

and his arms will hold you up forever.  Deut. 33:27 (NCV)

This promise is a beautiful metaphor, a word picture, of God’s love for us and His place in our lives as “Abba”, Daddy. As children we ran to safety, comfort, reassurance in the arms of a loving parent. As an adult, God will hold us in His arms through our troubles and turmoil.

I love this picture and turn to it often when I pray for those who grieve. I pray that they will feel God’s loving arms around them, supporting them through their deep sadness. For those who did not experience a loving father as a child, this image can meet that longing, that emptiness they felt as a child.

God is our Daddy, Abba.

And then as I read this passage, I looked at the one above it.

Ah! This is how I want my Abba to come to me.Blueskies

There is no one like the God of Israel

who rides through the skies to help you,

who rides on the cloud in his majesty.   Deut. 33:26

Searching through my pictures of clouds, I find such amazing differences, depending on the place, the season. My God will ride on all kinds of clouds to come to my rescue.

Another favorite song says: “Behold He comes, riding on the clouds,”. Imagine God in these clouds.Springclouds.3Springclouds.3

Orange Beach, Jan. 2015

Orange Beach, Jan. 2015

Orange Beach, Jan. 2015

Orange Beach, Jan. 2015

I am thankful for this image of God I can turn to throughout my journey with Him.



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