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A familiar scene comes to mind – small circle of brothers and sisters meeting ina church classroom, waiting for someone to share – a thought, a question, a feeling, a burden.

But for some, the cost of sharing is too painful; buried memories are safer buried. Should they stay buried? Is it safe to make yourself vulnerable?

I witnessed and participated in a special moment of sharing recently in our Wednesday night Bible study. This small group of women regularly open their hearts to pray, to lift someone’s burden. I have found this group to be safe for me, for anyone, to join the circle.

Two women we have frequently prayed for came to class this week. Each with burdens so heavy they can barely hold up their heads, asking us to remember them in prayers. This night they shared their burdens, open hearts, broken and bleeding by disease and circumstance.

God moved within us that night.

Our leader placed two chairs in the middle of the room, facing each other. She invited our two sisters to sit in the chairs. They grabbed hands like drowning victims. We gathered round, placed our hands on both our sisters, and spoke our hearts to our Father.Heals

God moved through us, sending His strength through us to our sisters in need.

Sharing deep personal need requires trust.

It has taken our sisters time to find that trust, but they were ready this week.

So God moved through them,

They felt peace.

They felt strength.

Today I thank God for

  • sisters who pray
  • prayer warriors
  • God’s mighty heart who sees our pain and binds our wounds
  • trust to LEAN on each other 




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