Joining the Five Minute Friday community of bloggers today with a one word prompt. 


Emalie pulled a long swath of cloth from a box, arranged it just so on the bulletin board, and stapled it in place. She added a butterfly, stood back to see the effect, then added letters.

I pulled out my planner filled with designs for my classroom arrangement, bulletin boards, and long-term units of study. Then I began moving furniture.

Two partners in teaching, two friends forever, and two totally different styles of planning. The first time I watched Emalie prepare her classroom before school began, I just didn’t get it. Why in the world would she spend valuable time making an artsy display? It took me awhile to understand.

I’m a logical planner; I need charts, lists, and time to figure out my next step. Emalie’s plans are floating, loosely formed in her head, and begin with an artistic approach.

I confess, it took me quite some time before I could appreciate her style. She wasn’t so organized with paperwork, and I helped her through several reorganizing experiences. She taught me to relax, be more flexible and patient; then I began to see the value of her planning style.

Best friends, totally different ways to plan.

It’s a good thing.

Exhausted after ANOTHER move of our classrooms when we were MUCH younger.

Exhausted after ANOTHER move of our classrooms when we were MUCH younger.

Emalie and I taught middle school together from 1993 to 1999 at one school and moved as a team to another middle school. Our paths have merged and diverged since then but we remain “besties”.

Today I thank God for

  • Emalie’s friendship 
  • learning to appreciate different learning and planning styles
  • the experiences we have shared for many years




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