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So many of the old gospel songs of my heritage (shape notes, Stamps Baxter) center around the theme of meeting in heaven. Written in the 1920s-1940s, times were hard, life was full of tragedies, and looking to a home in heaven provided hope.

A sampling from one of the Stamps Baxter songbooks provides these song titles:

  • If We Never Meet Again This Side of Heaven
  • When All of God’s Singers Get Home 
  • We’ll Soon Be Done With Troubles and Trials 
  • I’ll Meet You By the River 
  • When We Meet To Part No More 
  • Tomorrow May Mean Goodbye 
  • Heaven Is Nearer Since Mother Is There
  • There’s A Better Home
  • It Could Happen In A Moment 

Theologically speaking, you can find a plethora of explanations and descriptions of what to expect “when we meet on the other side”. For me, I find comfort in believing those dear to me who have passed on will be in heaven when I arrive.

My mother’s sister, Mayme, gave me a picture of hope and comfort the morning after Jennifer’s death. She said, “Martell, just listen to me. I can’t come to the funeral but my heart is with you. And your Mama and Daddy? They’re standing at the gates of heaven welcoming Jennifer home.”  You can read Mayme’s story here.

Today I thank God for

  • His promises to walk with us through all of our trials on earth
  • promise of a home in heaven at the end of this life
  • His Son’s sacrifice that we have a way to meet Him in heaven


For more background to my story, follow these links:

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4 thoughts on “MEET

  1. Gabriele

    I know there is a heaven and it is our Heavenly Father’s plan to have us meet again. Our loved ones are closer than we think. A FMF neighbor.


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