Five-Minute-Friday.1Joining the Five Minute Friday community of bloggers today with a one word prompt. With a one word prompt we write for five minutes, unedited.


I love this picture of Grace following Larry’s long legs.

These three year old legs almost have to run to keep up with giant footsteps.

When Jesus told Peter, James, and John to follow Him, I doubt they had any idea how challenging and difficult it would be to follow the footsteps of the Son of God! We have the advantage of Scripture to know how the story ended, but even so, can you picture yourself following Jesus as He walked the dusty paths and streets of Judea and Galilee?

My life path has been following Jesus for over 50 years. At each milestone of maturity that path looks different from the one before. Sometimes I’ve been close behind His steps, feeling His comforting presence through some hard times. Other times I’ve lagged behind, sometimes losing sight of His steps from work, relationships, to-do lists, a sick baby, a frustrated 10 year old, my own physical limitations.Follow2

A pull here, a push there, melt-downs, family crisis, or church drama ——– all distractions that take away the focus.

“Follow me” requires a commitment for life, but we can’t do it alone!

Today I thank God for

  • the Holy Spirit who helps and supports us through this life journey.
  • the examples in Scripture of men and women who left everything to follow.







4 thoughts on “FOLLOW

  1. Christine

    GREAT post! Love your pictures and the reminder that we can’t do it without the Holy Spirit and the examples in Scripture to encourage us! Following you at FMF today. Have a wonderful day! Christy

  2. Rachel Quigley

    Yes, following Him during different seasons brings about different paths on the journey. When we keep our eyes focused on Him, He directs our paths well! Thanks for these encouraging words! 🙂 (Your neighbor at FMF) Happy Friday to you!

  3. Carrie

    Indeed! Following Jesus does take commitment that is not always easy. But I am so thankful that no matter the distractions, He is always there waiting for us to pick right back up onto the path that leads to Him. Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Carrie

  4. Tiffany Parry

    It’s so true, Joy…each season of our time with the Lord looks different. The longer I walk with Him to more I realize how desperately I need Him and how deep this relationship with Him is. I’m so glad He never leaves us in the same place…we commit to following and He commits to transforming. Glad o stopped by from FMF today.


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