Five-Minute-Friday.1Joining the Five Minute Friday community of bloggers today with a one word prompt. With a one word prompt we write for five minutes, unedited.



I’m a little blue this morning,

A week of my chronic IBS leaves me wiped, physically.

I did a mental inventory

as I sat on the couch,

in pink pajamas.

Is this depression (another chronic “friend”)

or is it just physical fatigue, low energy?

Today, I was able to make a choice.

If real depression sneaks in,

I have no will to make a choice.

But today, I choose to think about my favorite blue,

the one found a few hundred miles south of home,IMG_1621

the clear blue spring sky of the Gulf Coast.WhiteBlueDeepBlue

the deep blue of the Gulf,Boldbluesky

the boldest afternoon blue sky,

the contrast of the blue and green in the Maritime ForestForestblueSettingsun

the softening shades of blue as the sun slides west.

These scenes are nourishment to my soul.

Today I thank God for

  • the ability to make a choice today in chasing away the blues
  • the colors in His creation, their shades, and variations
  • the many blues found at Orange Beach, Alabama
  • our three days in January on this beach







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