Creating Joy with Plants and Pots

AfterpruningRemember this plant? In a previous post I told you about this geranium that exploded with growth over the winter.

I tried my hand at propagating new plants and potted these cuttings which turned into:planted






these great looking plants. I’m happy to say they are thriving!




Look at all this new growth!


And just look at the original plant! It began blooming this week! Makes me feel successful, since my parsley plant looks dead!

GreenTableThyme.2jpgI made this arrangement for spring from some new flowers and a few old ones. Painted the crate white and use Mama’s white cake plate for elevation. The thyme is stuck in a $2 pot from the Dollar Store.


Do you hunt through the aisles of Dollar Stores to find their leftover treasures? I finally found four of these violet pots in two different stores. Don’t they look like they belong to this set (1 plate, 1 bowl, 2 cups!) of old dishes?

I am thankful for

  • moments of discovery when a bloom appears on a plant
  • the smell of geranium leaves
  • bits and pieces pulled together into a pleasing display

These things bring me joy.



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