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one thousand gifts

sharing the gift I spoke twice this week at Valley View Camp, in a beautiful valley outside Nashville. A gift from church leaders with the vision decades ago, they built a camp for young and old.SignCamp

Tuesday a slow drizzle marked their second day of unusual cool temperatures and rain. I shared my story of grief with the high school girls by first telling them of Jennifer’s love for this camp. Every time I drive down that narrow country road to reach the camp I am reminded of the years of either driving Jennifer to camp or visiting her. One year I delivered a bottle of Benadryl after hers broke. Her allergies usually created sneezing fits whenever she was at camp.Camp

On Thursday I shared some tools to help overcome hard times. The greatest gift for me was Ann Voskamp’s book —— it gave me that change in perspective, finding joy by remembering the Giver. Romans 8 is filled with affirmations of the greatest gift and the role of the Spirit in our lives.

count the giftsJenCamp

accept the joy of knowing the Giver      

I thank God today for:

  • camp memories
  • the staff and volunteers at camp
  • parents who support camp
  • the beauty of God’s country







4 thoughts on “GIFT

  1. Bonnie Rose

    Always remember that we care about you and we will never forget the ache that you carry in your heart all the time. Your loss was in the category of the “unspeakable”. You belong to an elite club of mothers.
    Debby Leeper lost her son, Jimmy to diabeties. Her friend, Barbara lost her 3 yr. old to Reyes Syndrome. Debby’s mom lost her son to Agent Orange. Mac’s mom gave birth to a stillborn little girl. Many moms are out there who feel that ache. We care- not feeling your pain because we haven’t lost what you lost but we are here- (615) 278-6201 ♡


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