This Is My Father’s World

Five-Minute-Friday.1Last Friday’s word. I started this post but could not get it finished. 

Today’s word is WORLD.

First thought: “This Is My Father’s World”

A favorite song we sang years ago (at least, 30 years) at Ashwood Church of Christ when our Sunday night service was a study of Revelation reminds us that God is still in control of this world, even when Satan seems to be winning.

World events back in the 1980s did not seem nearly as treacherous and savage as they are today, but I think many parts of this world contained the some of the same evils we see today. Slavery, female bondage, starvation, criminals and thieves controlling villages, towns, even countries were sometimes shown as a documentary or an episode of 60 Minutes; we just didn’t hear or see them instantly plastered over multiple media.

I loved maps and globes when I was in school. They gave me a sense of place, a picture in my head of where we were going or the nearest town.1980globe

But the picture that changed everything was the one from space. Remember? That big blue and white sphere that no one had imagined before.Bluemarble

This image has always been God’s view of our world. It reminds me that God’s view is always bigger than mine, whether it is my small space on the Blue Marble or all of the human race.

My space, my problems, my people – that’s my view. God knows it well; He knows me intimately, yet He has this bigger view of how I fit.

It’s always good to be reminded to step back from the little speck I inhabit and look at a bigger picture.

Today I thank God for

  • His view and perspective of this world.
  • the space explorers, scientists, and engineers who pursued the dream of space travel.
  • continual discovery of our Solar System and God’s creation.


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