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fIRST thoughts.2Favorites often connect to memories.

Some of my favorite summertime memories are wrapped around our annual family visits to Kentucky relatives on the farm:

  • hot plum jam cooling in jars
  • huge smoky grills of chicken
  • Grandy’s strawberry patch
  • tents made with quilts draped over white Adirondack chairs
  • Frosty’s – scoops of ice creams with ice cold Coke poured over
  • porch sittin’, listening to grown-up stories
  • catching lightening bugs in Mason jars
  • trying to sneak a hand under a pesky hen to gather eggs
  • snapping beans, hulling peas, shucking corn


    Cousin Sue in front of me on old Broady

The thing about these memories is they were not all about fun and happy-go-lucky days.

We sweated A LOT; air conditioned homes were not common. Mosquito bites and poison ivy crawled up bare legs and arms. Boredom, visits to old aunts with little entertainment for kids. boy cousins who teased and taunted, little privacy, plenty of chores.

Memories weave into the fabric of my heart, and favorites stand out like bits of jewels and bright colored thread.

Today I thank God for

  • seasons of memories 
  • the gift of long-term memory, without it we lose our identity
  • summer delights: picnics, fireworks, freedom, flag, celebration








  1. Martha G. Brady

    joy, i enjoyed your list of favorites:) even tho’ i didn’t grow up in the country or even in MS, I can picture what you are talking about since i have lived in the country since (at times) and now live in AL (huntsville). i hadn’t tho’t of lightning bugs as unique until my grands from st. louis and seattle came to visit and saw them here for the first time:) that was fun.

    it was very nice to meet you. i was very sad to read about your daughter. i’ll have to read more about her story. will you be at the retreat? i hope so.

    1. JoyMartell Post author

      Thanks so much for your kind response. I’ve been back and forth about the retreat. I’m going to SheSpeaks later this month, and I may come for the day. Will you be there?


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