A Summer Bucket List

My summer list of to-dos don’t fit in the traditional bucket list – – you know, that list of things to do before I die.  I like to make a list of things to do before summer ends. Probably comes from living the year on school calendars and finding summer the time to take deep breaths. Actually this sign I found on half off at Hobby Lobby fits in well with my plans.  If you can’t do at least some of these, summer feels wasted.RelaxSign









Since we are into July, I’ve already accomplished some of my list. I’ve planned some of these things, and others just happen when they happen. Like this morning. Due to the Prednisone pack I started last Saturday for my poison ivy, I awakened at 6:00, ready to meet the day.

RockerI love to get up early and sit outside to read, meditate, and pray. Finally happened today. It’s the way I like to begin each day and since pollen counts are low (at last) I can enjoy the coolness and quiet.



  1. Cook lunch at church Camp. I’m sorry this is such a blurry picture but it’s the only group shot of our “after cooking”.

    Our Camp Chief Cook Cliff getting advice from Carol

    Our Camp Chief Cook Cliff getting advice from Carol

  2. PearTreebedClean out this flower weed bed
  3. Become a poll officer for elections (includes going to training classes)

These classes have been enlightening! Sooooo many little details to remember that I have this large manual to keep with me at all times, a dedicated cell phone to call for answers, and a form for EVERYTHING.Manual4. Planned our Women’s Ministry Birthday Bash for the beginning of summer. PInkblackI used a beach theme and reused the basket arrangement at home – always find a way to justify spending money at a craft store!BeachTable

BeachBasket5. Cook Meals on Wheels with niece and great-niece

6. Squeeze in our last Grace Days before KindergartenBubbles

Blow7. Attend the SheSpeaks Conference for writers and speakers later this monthSheSpeaks

This conference features some of my favorite women writers; I’m ready to soak up their wisdom and advice about blogging and writing.

8. Dedicate more time writing a book on my experience with grief. I’m taking the pieces I wrote in 2012 when I began this blog and organizing them in a book.

9. Attend a class for improving your pictures taken on your IPhone. This class was early in June and offered by the photographers at our daily newspaper, The Tennessean. We walked down Broadway, that busy touristy place every country music fan wants to see.

The famous corner you see in often in media.

The famous corner you see in often in media.





Wouldn’t be Nashville without these hats!                                                                                                                                        







Seems like June was always wet. This typical summer rain; big clouds roll in, soak everyone, and then it’s gone, leaving us melting in the humidity.SummerRainLots of little things remain on my list, specifically trying new recipes. I have another post planned soon for a Light Summer Supper.

Have you found time this summer to do some of your favorite things? Or even the things that just must be done because it’s summer? This may seem like a small things to some, but I am so happy I was able to weed eat the front yard Sunday! Several physical roadblocks have kept me indoors more than I like. Cleaned up edges, flowerbeds, and sidewalks make me a happy girl!

I am thankful for . . . 

  • moments of rest, reflection, and creativity.
  • opportunities to learn new skills
  • opportunities to serve others
  • summer



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