Five-Minute-Friday.1Joining the Five Minute Friday community of bloggers today with a one word prompt. With a one word prompt we write for five minutes, unedited.


It’s time to say it out loud.
Time to say, “Yes, I am finally getting this book written on grief.”
If you’re wondering why I’ve not written many blog posts lately, it’s because I’m totally focused on writing every day. I’ve set goals and can say that today I’m completing Chapter 11.
This book is my journey of grief, a story many of you have read here on this blog. I’ve recently realized that any new readers will have to do some digging in this blog to find the whole story.
I believe God is saying, “Yes, the time is now.”yes1-600x600
Friends, it is not easy to read through those journals of sadness and despair. I covet your prayers as I find my way through these feelings.

I am thankful today for

  • energy physically and mentally to write.
  • encouragement and prayers from friends.
  • journals with my thoughts and memories from 13 years ago.







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