Coming Soon to this Blog!

Orange LeafWhat has happened to this month? Three weeks without a post!

Apologies to those who care and a promise.

I’ve been writing furiously, unless —

  • I had an election to work,
  • IBS reared its ugly head,
  • arthritis inflamed knee joints and finger joints,
  • I had a major allergic reaction to some food I can’t identify,
  • friends came for the weekend,
  • my birthday,
  • sinus infection=antibiotics and steriods
  • Larry has arthroscopy on his knee,

Larry and I are groaning simultaneously these days as our knees ache and swell. Sometimes I forget that I’m 68 and volunteer as if I have the stamina I did when I was only 60! I slowly have realized this month that I need time to recover from some of these things I love to do: helping at a Ladies’ Day at church or schedule company for the weekend one day after working the 15 hours of an election. My mind still things this body will respond as it used to.

Besides working on THE book about my journey of grief (now working on chapter 14), I’m planning a 31-day series in October. I’m joining hundreds of bloggers who write every day in the month of October on one topic. I did this two years ago — didn’t quite make 31 days, you can see my green button on the website: 31 Days Living Wheat-free and Milk-free.

October 1, look for the first post in my new series.

I’m excited about my topic for this year! I chose to write about an aspect of prayer that I need to improve in my own life. I’m pretty good at praying for the sick and those in trouble, and I’ve learned to give thanks daily through my Gratitude Journal. But I’m not as faithful in giving God praise, honor, respect for His power through prayer. I also want to use more Scripture in my prayers. I have 31 days of topics planned but can only promise, Lord willing, to complete the plan. BrownCross

   Are you loving fall in your neck of the woods? Our temperatures have been lovely for September in Tennessee, and the leaves are slowly changing. Love this season for adding touches of the outside around the house.


I’m thankful for

  • cool mornings and clear blue skies,
  • soft gentle rain
  • green apple gourds (have you seen these?)
  • dinner with Larry and friends plus the movie, War Room, on my birthday



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