Day 1: Prepare Heart, Mind, and Body



INTRODUCTION (If you want to get some background on this series.)

DAY 1: Prepare Heart, Mind, Body

DAY 2: Praying Scripture

Prayers to Increase My Understanding

DAY 3: Paul’s Prayer for the Ephesians, chapter 1

DAY 4: Paul’s Prayer for Ephesians, chapter 3

DAY 5: Paul’s Prayer for the Philippians

      Praying the Attributes of God

DAY 6: God is Holy

DAY 7: God is Worthy

DAY 8: God is Infinite

DAY 9: God is Faithful

DAY 10: God is Merciful

  Praying the Names of God









Praying and Claiming the Promises of God

DAY 19: Proverbs 3:6

DAY 20: Psalm 138:8  

DAY 21: Jeremiah 32:17

DAY 22: Jeremiah 33:3

DAY 23: Isaiah 54:10

DAY 24: James 1:5

DAY 25: Zephaniah 3:17

DAY 26: Psalm 91:11, 12

DAY 27: Isaiah 57:1,2

DAY 28: Psalm 9:10

DAY 29: Psalm 18:2

DAY 30: Isaiah 40:31

DAY 31          Praying the Magnificat, Mary’s Prayer

What led me to this topic? Follow my meanderings for a bit.

  • I find in my recent Morning Moments the readings have deepened a desire to improve my prayer life.
  • The War Room movie also motivated me to be more intentional with my prayers.
  • Our church completed a small group study this year using Drawing the Circle  by Mark Batterson and will begin another study this month using The War Room small group study guide.
  • And then I’m browsing the NEW bookshelf at my local public library, and I discover one of the new books published by War Room producers : The Battle Plan for Prayer: from Basic Training to Targeted Strategies by Stephen and Alex Kendrick. I especially like the strategies in Part IV . . .  which led me to consider the targeted strategy of Adoration in prayer for a 31 days series.

Sometimes my prayers and our prayers in Bible classes sound like shopping lists – I need . . ., this dear sister needs healing, comfort the family of . . . ,etc. I love keeping a list of these requests, but my soul longs for a deeper relationship with the Father. I am neglecting the deep quiet moments to consider the greatness and power of Yahweh.

Other religious traditions — what I consider “high church” use books of prayer, the Book of Common Prayer, specific prayers for each part of a service, appointed times of the day for prayer. My non-denominational background is grounded in our freedom to approach God in prayer without a priest or clergy. Thus, we don’t use more formal prayers in our church assemblies or in personal prayer.

My goal for this series is to be more mindful as i approach God in prayer, to first reflect, settle into a quiet place, then consider individual qualities of our Creator, our Healer, our Provider, our Peace, the Almighty God.

Macrina Wiederkehr’s book sevensacredpauses provides wonderful advice and practice for living mindfully with “breathing spells for the soul”. I begin this series with simple steps to help me sink into a mindful moment, settling into a time to pause and lift up the name of the Father.

Within each day’s post I will provide a jpg 4×6 with a verse or instruction. You can print these off from the pdf I’ll make available. I plan to print my own copy on cardstock, punch holes and create a flip book. You can create your own prayer cards. (If this does not make sense, maybe seeing it will!)

Day 1: Prepare Heart, Mind, Body

  1. Prepare your body to meditate by taking three deep breaths, noticing your inhale and exhale.  Meditate on the nearness of God’s presence.

“Spirit, I ask you to quiet my mind so that I can hear the still, small voice of my Father, my Savior, and my Comforter within me.” Modified from Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling, Sept. 21.

2. Quiet my heart and mind. Bend, kneel, or bow low in surrender.

“Empty me Lord. Take each thought and wash it into the river of forgetfulness.”

“I will wait quietly in His presence; hurry keeps my heart earthbound.”  Jesus Calling, Sept. 21.

3. Open my heart and receive the presence of God (who already dwells in me!) Focus again on the breath, sitting still, and imagine God’s presence.

On the inhale breath, say, “I am my Beloved’s.”

On the exhale say, “And His desire is for me.”1.Guide2.Spirit

 “Wait for the Lord’s help. Be strong and wait for the Lord’s help. Psalm 27:14

At the end of every post, I offer my thanks to God for the blessings I find in this posting.

I am thankful for

  • the avenue of approaching the God of our Universe
  • quiet moments to rest my mind and my body and then reflect

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