Day 6: He Is Holy

BrownCrossI’m writing every day in October about prayer, specifically prayers that honor and give glory to God. Click here to begin with Day 1.

Praying the Attributes of God

The qualities of our Creator are found throughout Scripture. We will consider only five during this series. We could spend all 31 days on the characteristics of God, but I wanted to balance the series with His promises.

Today we consider the holiness of God. I find it much easier to praise and honor God through song, which of course can be a prayer. We have some beautiful old hymns as well as contemporary songs that can immediately put me into a place that feels like Holy Ground.

The verse from Revelation uses the term “holy” three times in one sentence. Isaiah 6:21 also repeats “holy” three times. Our God is above all else, above all the created beings of the earth, above all gods, above all people. He alone is holy (set apart). This verse also proclaims that God is omnipotent, ruler of all, never-changing, and eternal.

We are in awe of a power we cannot understand, even with this amazing brain He gave us. This deep reverence of God moves us to fall on the ground in worship. He is Holy.











“There is no one holy like the Lord.

There is no God but you;

 there is no Rock like our God.”                    I Samuel 2:2

I’m thankful for the Almighty, holy Father. 


Click here to get all the cards in the series so far as well as the document containing the four cards from Day 3, 4, and 5.


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