BrownCrossPraying the Names of God

ROI, the God who sees

In Genesis 16 the story of Hagar, the servant of Abraham’s wife, Sarah, opens a window into a culture we find hard to understand. Sarai, as she was called at that time, was barren, so she told Abram to have relations with her servant, Hagar. It seems to me that Sarai decided God was not going to keep His promise of a family, and she arranged matters to “help” Him out.

Once Hagar was pregnant, the relationship between the two women changed. Hagar despised Sarai; Abram told Sarai to do with her as she pleased, and Sarai mistreated Hagar.

Hagar ran away to the desert.  When the angel of the LORD found her, he advised her to return to her mistress and obey her. And then he gave her a blessing: her descendants would be so many , they could not be counted.

Imagine a slave given such a blessing! She said, “You are the God who sees me. I have now seen the One who sees me.

As a servant, Hagar’s role was to serve and yet be invisible or unseen.  Her days and nights were consumed with taking care of anything that Sarah needed. She was at the mercy of Sarah’s wants and desires.  When Sarah told Abraham to take Hagar as a wife, Hagar had no choice in the matter; she did as she was told.

Our God, El Roi, sees us in all our messiness, our attempts to “fix” things, our moments of weakness that no one else sees. And yet? He still loves us and cares for us.

His grace is never ending!











 I am thankful for my God, El Roi, who sees me and still calls me His child.


I’m writing every day in October about prayer, specifically prayers that honor and give glory to God. Click here to begin with Day 1You can click on the cards above to print them, or click here to get the documents containing all the cards in this series.


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