Day 26: His Angels Watch Over Me

BrownCrossPraying God’s Promises

He has put his angels in charge of you to watch over you wherever you go.

They will catch you in their hands so that you will not hit your foot on a rock.           

 Psalms 91:11,12 (NCV)


Let me say first that I don’t begin to understand all of God’s promises, and I especially have a hard time with this one. I almost took this promise out; there are plenty more to pick.

I read this promise and immediately the unanswered question I’ve lived with for 13 years pops into my head. “Where were the angels when Jennifer lost her balance on that mountain?”

The next verse in this chapter reads: “You will walk on lions and cobras; you will step on strong lions and snakes.” Clearly this is figurative language, so what about the verses before?Starr Mountain

I want to know that angels are watching over me and the people I love. Such a comforting promise in this unpredictable world. But I am like the writer, Nicholas Wolterstorff, in his laments for a son who fell to his death climbing a mountain. i don’t know how to fit it together. I can’t say, “God caused her death.” But I don’t know why He did not prevent her death. Wolterstorff says he just endures like Job.

I find myself much more hesitant to give angels or even God credit for saving me or someone else. This is a great mystery that I ponder.

When Jennifer was still in high school, we were awakened early one winter morning by pounding on our door. I found a young man standing on our porch. He urged me to get everyone out of the house; our neighbor’s house was in flames. We quickly dressed and stood in our front yard watching their house burn. Water hoses were frozen, and it seemed to take the fire trucks forever to come. We were safe, but the side of our house nearest the neighbor’s had melted siding. Who warned us? We never saw the young man again. Was he an angel? I don’t know. He was with someone else who knocked on our neighbor’s house at the same time. It sure felt like God’s hand provided for our safety.26.Angels

I am thankful for Your protection.


I’m writing every day in October about prayer, specifically prayers that honor and give glory to God. Click here to begin with Day 1You can click on the cards above to print them, or click here to get the documents containing all the cards in this series.


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