Best Book Read in 2015

FIRST, a disclosure. The author of this book is my middle brother, David! I’ve endorsed his blog, The Front Window at WordPress, and promoted him on Facebook, but this is my first book review.

DavidThe setting for April’s Rain by David Johnson is rural Northwest Tennessee, a place familiar to all of my family. Two brothers finished high school there; during the 70s the three oldest of us lived there for a few years after we married.  David taught school for a time and also drove a school bus down country roads in Weakley County, getting a life-experience education into the lives of families in poverty.

This book is the third in a series that begins with Tucker’s Way. You don’t have to read the books in sequence, but you get a much clearer picture of the characters and their connections if you read the first two. This first book finds Tucker raising her three grandchildren the best she can: growing a vegetable garden, raising a few animals., chopping her own wood for cooking and heat. When a woman moves into the house just down the road, Tucker and Ella’s lives dramatically change.

April’s Rain is told in three voices: Tucker, April (the youngest grandchild), and March, the grandson missing for eight years. When the novel opens, April is skipping classes in high school, fighting with Tucker, looking for ways to deaden her pain, and struggling to figure out who she is.AprilsRain

Tucker knows April is in trouble but has few resources or knowledge in how to cope with April’s rebellion. April’s storyline takes her to a treatment facility that uses equine therapy; it’s authentic because David worked in such a facility.

As soon as I finished this book, I called David to tell him it was my favorite of the series. I found myself crying when I read the last chapter; grace abounds!! Each character learns hard lessons on their journey to discover this grace. The lives of August, March, and April and their grandmother finally weave their way back together through surprising events.

You can read more about David’s story on his author page at Amazon. I love this story because the characters face such overwhelming circumstances and yet find healing and grace.

Proud of you, brother!

You can get these books in paperback or as an e-book. You can also follow his blog here.

I’m thankful for

  • warm summer nights, sitting on a front porch while listening to Mama Stephens, George, or Grandy spin a story
  • the blessings David’s writing has been for his family and his readers all over the world
  • Story, the story God created to deliver us from the Evil One




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