Last Friday’s word for Five Minute Friday was news. I could not manage to get even five minutes to write a post, but today I really do have news.

This past Wednesday night my husband began an exciting series for Wednesday night Bible study (or prayer meeting as it used to be called). I am delighted to share his new website with you: Stories of Amazing Grace. Rather than give you a detailed explanation, I hope you will follow the link and watch the video of an amazing man and his story.

SOAG_LogoLarry has been involved in front of a camera as well as in production most of his professional life. This new avenue gives him the opportunity to do both. You can find new stories on the first Wednesday of each month, and I will post a link here to remind you.

Just have to share a spring picture of my blooming cherry tree.Cherrytree

Giving thanks today for

  • spring at last seems to be near!
  • early blooms from hyacinths and saucer magnolias
  • brilliant sunshine



2 thoughts on “News

  1. Emalie

    I know Larry’s new venture will bring blessing and encouragement to many thirsty souls. Rejoicing with you! Emalie

  2. Sue Bell

    This is exciting. Eager to see Larry’s class.
    Love your blooming cherry tree. I have one in NH that always blooms on Mother’s day.


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