Tulip treeHis mother watches his tortured body struggle for breath. She feels his pain each time he gathers strength for another breath. Through her tears she realizes he is saying something to John, the apostle standing next to her. What does he mean? “Here is your mother!”

She remembers more than thirty years ago, those terrifying few weeks when she learned of her pregnancy. Then Joseph’s quiet comfort, and Elizabeth’s joy as her baby grew inside her womb. The long trip to Bethlehem, she wondered if she would make it back home before the baby came.

So many years have passed! So much mystery. Sometimes she felt such confusion; his words did not always make sense. But the promise from the angel never faded. This is the Messiah!

Where is God now? What is He waiting for? The Messiah on a cross?

“It is finished.”

She crumbled. This pain in her heart! How can he be dead? She allows John and the other women to help her down the hill. Her heart is breaking; she can’t get her breath.

She stops and turns back to look again. The soldiers are taking his body off the cross.

Where will they take his body? “John, where will he be?” He assures her there is a tomb ready for him.violas.2

“I must see it, John. We should follow so we will know where to bring the spices for preparing hi body.” Once she is satisfied that they can return to the tomb, she is ready to prepare for the Sabbath.

This Sabbath, the day inches forward; she rests, but her heart is broken. Her son, the Messiah, is gone. She closes her eyes, but sleep does not come. People bring her food, but she cannot eat. She sits and remembers the infant, the toddler, the boy in the temple, the young man. And then those days of wonder, when he began healing the sick, performing miracles, speaking words from Jehovah!

She cries out to God, “It’s too soon! He can’t stop now! There is so much more to be done. I’m not ready to lose him.”

Early Sunday morning word comes from his followers; his body is gone!

No, It can’t be!

Then Mary Magdalene found her, “He’s alive!”

Her heart leaps. “Are you sure? How can this be?”

“I have seen him. He is alive!

Mary, the mother of the risen Savior, hears the sweetest words any mother could hear. Her son is alive!

Today, I am thankful for

  • spring peaking out in buds and leaves
  • spring, when God’s creation wakes up in beauty
  • the story of a mother whose grief reminds me that my God knows my grief as well
  • the risen Savior


Five-Minute-Friday.1I’m joining Five Minute Friday today but just couldn’t stick to the time limit today. I had to get the whole story written!



11 thoughts on “HE’S ALIVE!

  1. Cheryl

    As a mom, imagining Mary’s heart during the time of his crucifixion weighs heavy on my heart. I cannot imagine fully how she suffered, but she, too, must have rejoiced all the more when she knew he was alive.
    Beautiful telling of the story through a mother’s eyes.

    I’m visiting from FMF.

      1. Cheryl

        I am sorry you know what it is like to lose a child. I lost two children to miscarriage. While those experiences grieved my heart, I know it does not come close to her experience.

  2. Belinda Miller

    Beautifully written as always, Martell has so blessed you with a wonderful way to express God’s love!!!

  3. Carly

    You captured the story so well- it must have been so hard for Mary to witness all of that, but there’s such joy in knowing how it ends. Happy Easter! Visiting from FMF (#18)

    1. JoyMartell Post author

      I had never really put myself in her place as a mother. Almost 14 years ago I lost my 21 year old daughter — Mary’s story is now personal! And I am joyful knowing she is in Heaven, joyful through a hard 14 years. Thanks for dropping by.

      1. Carly

        Sorry for the loss of your daughter. I can see how that would make Mary’s story come alive for you. It’s so reassuring to remember that Jesus conquered death and it does not have the final word.

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