Story of Amazing Grace

SOAG_LogoThis month’s Story of Amazing Grace profiles a friend of our family’s and the “glue of our church family”. Larry interviews Jerry Sherrill, longtime member of the staff at Madison Church of Christ.

They walk through his life as a young man, those who influenced him, and how he continues to walk in grace. As Larry says, “God uses ordinary people to do amazing things. We all have stories to tell of God’s amazing grace.” Follow the link on Jerry’s name to see this interview.


This good-looking guy has been my husband for 47 years!












Giving thanks today for

  • FINALLY, looking at the backside of pneumonia!
  • gorgeous spring sunshine, cut grass, and blooming dogwood



2 thoughts on “Story of Amazing Grace

  1. Diann Hunley-Stone

    I loved watching the tribute to Jerry Sherrill. He is a good and Godly man. I can’t wait to come home and be with my Madison family in a year or little more…. Love, Diann Hunley-Stone


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