This is the question I heard over and over as a middle school teacher, after a test, before report cards came out, and especially during the month of May. The irony of the question is that it was usually asked by marginal students who seldom did their homework or studied for a test.

Hope in the face of enormous odds voiced the question, “Did I pass?”Azalea

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In these days of retirement I find the same question worded just a little differently.

I got blood test results in the mail today.:

  • Liver, kidney, blood count, Vitamin B12 results were all good (I passed!)
  • Vitamin D quite low (didn’t pass, take more)
  • Triglycerides tooo high (didn’t pass, a defect I inherited!) Good thing I’m taking cholesterol medication.

My friends suffering with cancer wait for word after scans: Are the tumors shrinking? Is there sign of cancer? Did the bone marrow transplant work? Is the leukemia in remission?

These are the life and death tests, the outcomes hinging on blood work or scans. By the time we take these tests, there is little we can do to change the outcome. Most of the people I know with cancer or other life-threatening diseases did not smoke or drink, lived relatively healthy lives.Front Azalea

So what do we do for those who suffer? My Bible study class prays every week, making a list of those who need healing. We send cards, take food, call, visit — try to be sensitive to their needs.

Today I am thankful to be retired — no more tests to create, papers to grade, no more HIGH STAKES tests (I will not, will not, get started on that soap box!).

I am thankful to tutor 2nd and 3rd graders who just need someone to encourage them to read, sound out the letters, understand the story. This is delightful teaching!

I am thankful for medical advances, new treatments, and caring medical staff who minister to those who suffer tonight. 

I am also thankful for my two beautiful azaleas in front of my front porch. 





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