Rest? No time to rest.

I’ve got a trip to make: a brother to honor for his service in the Air Force. Follow the link to his story.

Joining the Five Minute Friday community with a one word prompt. We write for five minutes (I confess, I’m not so good at the time limit), post it, and then link up over at Kate’s blog.

In early May I considered making the trip (Nashville to Washington, D.C.), but finally ruled it out – too many variables – bad knees, asthma, IBS, drive or fly, count the cost, etc. Then early June the impossible seemed possible.

Last Friday went in for an allergy shot and left with prescriptions for Prednisone and antibiotic and orders: “take a breathing treatment every four hours”. Should I salute or just say, “Yes ma’am”? Start the “Ultra” probiotic and pray it prevents the usual gut cleanout from antibiotics. IBS has been holding off for two months. Thank God!

Saturday, call brother #3 (the Air Force General) to update our details. Tell him about doctor appointments. He says, “Martell, most people pack a suitcase for a trip; you get steroids and your knees drained.)

 Monday, appointment with knee doctor. Knees have been full of fluid, but the Prednisone has helped. Should I keep the appointment? Larry says, “Yes. I’ll regret it if I don’t.”

Knees full of fluid! Drained 27cc from left and 18cc from right! Thank you God. Right decision to keep the appointment!

Tuesday, annual eye exam. Finally time to take care of the cataracts. Schedule this for August – seems like a long time off.

Wednesday, finish up Bible lesson on demons for tonight’s class, quick trip to church building to make copies and then a few final moments of study. This is not an easy topic to understand, and my students are not shy with questions. Love teaching these mature women.

Thursday, drive out to church camp to help cook lunch for the young campers. Hottest day all week – 95° at 10:00 AM. We dripped sweat, just big fans too cool off the heat from gas burners and ovens. After we relax and eat our meal, four of us jump in the golf cart to deliver toilet tissue to the swimming pool.

Oh man! That water looks so great. I cannot resist. Take off shoes and glasses and dive in. Stroke across the pool to the deep end and feel the lump in my back pocket. Oh crap! My IPhone! So stupid. Larry will just shake his head at me. Do I have insurance? Can’t remember. My gut says Larry would have made sure; I’ve been known to make a few dumb mistakes. I’m leaving Nashville Saturday morning with brother #1 and his wife. I need a phone! countingjoyblog.wordpressThursday afternoon, call phone company before 5:00 PM to get a new phone delivered tomorrow. Email brothers #1 and 3 about phone and give them Larry’s cell, just in case. Yes, there was insurance. Larry says this was a $149 swimming event. I do have backup on my pictures, etc. He says now I won’t have to delete the 1000 or so pictures on my phone to have enough storage for video! Yea!

Friday morning, waiting for the phone. Hope it comes today. Hold off on last-minute errands and get serious about packing.

So where did the rest come in this week?

  • Every time I sat down to  use the Nebulizer – at least three times a day.
  • Icing my knees Monday night.
  • studying my lesson whenever time allowed, working at computer on the handout

Compared to my days before retirement, this does not really count as a hectic week, but I’ve learned to take rest when I can. Something will remind me if I don’t – knee pain, coughing from asthma, or stupid mistakes!

And then there are the blessings:

I thank God the probiotic has prevented my usual problem with antibiotics.

I thank God I can go to a clinic less than a mile from house and get the medical attention I need. (My primary has asthma and does not play around!)

I am thankful for young mothers and other adults who are spending a week at camp to teach the elementary age group. They are sweaty, thirsty, and tired, but the campers have been blessed.




3 thoughts on “REST?

  1. Kimberly

    Martell: you said- “deliver toilet tissue to the swimming pool”. I’m baffled. How do you use toilet tissue with a swimming pool? It sounds like your phone was “doa” from the pool dip though. Glad you could get it replaced so quickly. You definitely stay busy with the dr appointments, etc. So happy that you have a Bible study with a group of ladies. Sounds great! I hope the visit to see Larry was great! You can find my fmf post here:

    1. JoyMartell Post author

      Clarifying: the pool has a bathhouse with restrooms. They were out of TP. Probably not clear that Larry is my husband. Thanks for dropping by.


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