Created by the Greatest Creator

First Thoughts on Create (today’s word for Five Minute Friday)create-600x600

I love to create. When my dear friend, Judy, suggested I read her copy of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, I devoured it, practiced each lesson, and amazed myself at what I learned.

I enjoy creating through writing, sewing, crafting, or decorating; I am a Maker!

But this morning a verse plays on a loop in my head:

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made         (NIV) Psalm 139:14

Joining the Five Minute Friday community with a one word prompt. We write for five minutes (I confess, I’m not so good at the time limit), post it, and then link up over at Kate’s blog.

Begin 5 minute timer

While sitting in a doctor’s office, my gaze lands on a poster of the ear. I get closer to look at the details, and then I marvel. How God created our bodies with such precision and attention to detail. Each little bone in our ears must work together to allow us to hear.Middle-ear-structure-diagram

Perhaps it’s because I have more time to ponder this body, since I frequent doctor’s offices more than I would like, but each organ, each system has to work together to keep the whole of the body functioning as it was designed.

My God saw my bones being formed as I took shape. He saw me as an embryo, a fetus forming in the womb, growing and changing each day. Is that not a miracle!

I continue to be amazed at our brains.


Ephesians 2:10 says we are a masterpiece (a work of art), created in Christ to do good works. See this post with references to Emily P. Freeman’s book, A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live.

I am thankful for the marvelous bodies God created for us.

I thank God for the mysteries about our brains as they are uncovered by scientists.




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