Walk: A Five Minute Prompt for Oct. 1


The function of a healthy body, not  a 69 year old body aching from arthritis.

I’ve  been nursing these arthritic knees to walk for five years now. My latest prayer has been, “Lord, give me what I need, not what I want. ”

The good news since Friday is NOW IS THE TIME.  Knee replacement surgery soon. Just waiting for a date, going to the joint replacement class, and meeting with a physical therapist. I am so ready for a new knee.

I’ve been functioning with knee braces, sometimes a walker, and  a wheelchair when necessary. The only remedy that consistently works for me is rest and prop them up. As a result, I’ve had to limit my daily routine. With this surgery planned I’ve cancelled my plans to work the election and may have to drop tutoring at the elementary school.

We spent yesterday and today rearranging rooms so I have more room to use a walker. Larry has taken over many of my chores. My big concession to him was to give up recycling. Since we have to take our stuff to the recycling center, it collects in neat piles, but he has no enthusiasm for this job!

The blessing in this journey?

I’ve made time for my walk with the Lord, dwelling in Psalms and “chewing” on His Word. OpenBible


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