The Longest Three Minutes

My life have been consumed by physical therapy for 6 weeks. It  began the day after knee surgery while I was still in the hospital. It’s quite astonishing to be up and walking (with a walker) so quickly. I even went up and down a few stairs.

This view of the Continuous Passive Machine does not really show that it is very s-l-o-w-l-y moving my knee to a specific degree of bending. When I got home, I had this machine for 3 weeks – using it one hour at a time to gently improve my range of motion.

Once outpatient therapy began, Larry became my driver. Since I was on painkillers, I certainly was not able to drive. Three times a week we made the trek across town.

therapyAt first glance, on a busy day this large therapy space appears to contain 4-5 people on tables doing nothing.

We are COUNTING while trying not to moan or groan. Many of the exercises require tightening the quad muscles in the thigh.

But the worst one for me is not about counting. I call it The Longest Three Minutes. You might think this is not even an exercise since it is passive; gravity does the work. The heel is propped up on a six inch roll, and it hangs for 3 minutes. I’m waiting for the seconds to tick by as the knee complains more each minute. I consider it torture!

3minuteSometimes I can distract myself with memory verses. I should keep my phone with me for distractions. Next time!

This exercise is critical to getting the surgery leg back to normal. Measurements are taken before we begin, halfway through, and as we near the end of all the therapy sessions.

As of last Friday I’m 1° from being completely straight. Getting this right will mean I won’t have a limp when I walk.

I have been so ready for a knee replacement and despite pain, inconvenience, and even boredom, I’m glad I did it. I’m getting closer to normal all the time. My body just doesn’t have the same stamina or energy level that my mind expects.

I am so thankful for many blessings during this time:

  • family who made room in their schedules to sit with me
  • attentive medical staff at the hospital
  • They got my diet right! (My biggest concern was having meals that have no wheat or milk.)
  • many sweet church ladies who brought us meals 
  • many prayers for good outcome
  • my main man, Larry; could not have managed without him!




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