Pornography: The New Drug


Marnee Farree

The latest Stories of Amazing Grace has been posted to the website. I think you will find it quite interesting. Marnie Farree is the guest; she tells her story of sexual abuse as a child and young teen and why it led to sexual addiction. Pornography plays a role in her story; it used to be a secret stash of magazines, but now it is available to everyone with Internet access.  As a counselor she holds workshops for those who need intensive help. You can hear her passion to help others and communicate God’s amazing grace in this interview.

You may know someone who needs to hear this message, or you may need it. In any case, we all need to be aware of the serious dangers of pornography. If you have preteens or teens, please listen to the story. This fact stands out to me: pornography develops into an addiction as powerful as cocaine! We now know that the chemicals in the brain are changed to match those of a highly addictive drug.

Click here to see the video.

If you want to see other interviews of Stories of Amazing Grace, just go to the website and scroll down to see all of the guests.

Today I thank God for

  • Marnie’s courage to tell her story.
  • her compassion for others who are trapped in sexual addiction.
  • Larry’s skill in producing and interviewing these videos.
  • His amazing grace.



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