EMBRACE: Five Minute Friday

 Two weeks ago the word for Five Minute Friday was abandon (which I thought about for two days but never composed a post). Thinking about embrace since last night, the word abandon keeps popping into my head.

God’s love is so strong that He promises He will never abandon us, never leave us. So how do we respond to this promise; do we embrace God? Do we embrace our circumstances, our present life, or the struggle we face today?

I discovered a powerful “aha moment” in John Eldredge’s book, Walking With God. He says believers in God assume a naïve, unquestioned lie:

  1. Because we believe in God and
  2. because He is love
  3. He is going to give us a happy life.

I have learned in my journey another truth he explains: as long as my happiness is tied to THINGS I can lose, I am VULNERABLE– vulnerable to Satan’s lie, to question God’s motives. When the gifts He gives me are more important than He is, I am vulnerable to Satan’s attack on my heart. Satan waits for any weakness in my defenses to plunge my heart into despair.

Embracing God is a choice.

Making room for Him is a choice.

Embracing God requires surrender.

Hyacinths — NOT THIS SPRING!

I am thankful today:

  • that joy can replace fear, discouragement, anger, despair.
  • I have a deeper understanding of God’s desires for me.
  • that the joy of the Lord will make me strong. (Nehemiah 8:40)
  • that my joy can be complete, full and overflowing because of Christ’s love that is in me. (John 15:11)


Joining the Five Minute Friday community with a one word prompt. We write for five minutes (I confess, I’m not so good at the time limit), post it, and then link up over at Kate’s blog.


3 thoughts on “EMBRACE: Five Minute Friday

  1. Joy Lenton

    Joy, my early years didn’t prepare me to expect an easy or carefree life, so I didn’t really buy into that particular lie. Yet there are traps for every believer, and a daily choice has to be made to put God first and foremost. I’m more apt to sink into despair or anticipate bad things happening. Those acts place me at risk of discouragement and make it hard to believe God actually wants to give me good things! In embracing a life of faith in Christ we slowly learn to release our former patterning and flawed ways of thinking, and have our minds gradually renewed by Holy Spirit as we read His word and live out the truth of it. I agree with Andrew about reaffirming our choice of God’s will and ways on an hourly basis. Thank you for making me ponder here! Bless you, friend. 🙂 x


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