BooksBooks on Grief

For many years I kept a basket of books in my bedroom that I regularly read and reread on grief recovery. I found some of them in my own search, and others were recommended.

This book tells of the journey Reeve took with her mother as Anne Morrow Lindbergh declined in her abilities to speak in the last nomorewordsseventeen months of her life. It reads like a journal and this walk of heartache was able to speak to me.



The author’s son fell in a hiking accident in Europe, and this book is raw with emotion. One of my favorites – short entries.



The ABSOLUTE best book to give to someone after they lose a family member. Each chapter deals with some critical stage or piece of the journey of grief. Charlie passed away, but his words remain true.

I’ve quoted from this book several times; he writes about four different types of death but weaves stories that make it personal and insightful. He also provides unique advice for friends who minister to a griever.

letters-to-grief-final-coverKate Montaug’s e-book provides a unique way of looking at grief. Read my book review here.



Books for the Soul

I use the first three books in daily meditation and devotion; they each have entries that can be read each day of the year.

  • Jesus Calling by Sarah Young —- Just started this in March of 2012 and truly benefit from each daily entry.







  • Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
  • one thousand gifts by Ann Voskamp — life-changing book
  • Naomi and her Daughters by Walter Wangerin, Jr. —- a great novel about Naomi from the book of Ruth. He gives an interesting way to look at this familiar story.
  • A Lineage of Grace: Five stories of unlikely women who changed eternity by Francine Rivers  — these are the five women listed in the lineage of Christ who could not be ore different!
  • 7: an experimental mutiny against excess by Jen Hatmaker  — fascinating, laugh-out-loud, convicting book

Books are some of my favorite things; no surprise to regular readers of this blog. This list is highly personal and selective; my copies are well-worn and highlighted. I’ve not mentioned THE Book because I assumed you would know the Bible is first on my list. While I’m thinking about habits and the new year, have you checked out The Romans Project? If there is not a picture and link to it on the right of my webpage, click on “Posts” on the web menu and it should show up. I’m memorizing three chapters in Romans, and this is so very manageable. Two verses a week. Even this 65 year old whose memory is not what it used to be can do this! Try the Scripture Typer — it really works!


3 thoughts on “Booklist

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  3. Carrie Lange

    wonderful list! I always found CS Lewis’ “A Grief Observed” to be so comforting as well, because he so precisely described and experienced the exact things I was experiencing. It was comforting to know I wasn’t alone. hugs to you!


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